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Invensas has a broad range of in-house technology design, characterization and analysis capabilities, ranging from cutting-edge finite element simulation tools to full-scale product reliability laboratories.

Design capabilities extend from chip-level to board, module and system-level. These capabilities, combined with in-house rapid prototyping, allow Invensas to conceive, build and evaluate a wide range of technologies and customer requests within a highly compressed schedule.

A dedicated team of Ph.D. technologists work with state of the art analysis equipment, including advanced electron microscopy and 3D-Xray, to investigate and characterize technologies as diverse as chip circuitry and complex thermal systems. This core competency, in concert with advanced material formulation and analysis expertise, allows Invensas to stay at the leading edge of advanced material and technology development.

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Interconnectology refers to what we do from a technology perspective and from a value-chain perspective. It is a system-level approach to the design and development of next-generation interconnect devices.