• Introducing DBI Ultra
    Introducing DBI Ultra
    DBI Ultra makes it possible to manufacture 4, 8, 12 or 16-high 3D stacked memory while meeting the stringent packaging height and performance requirements for next generation high-performance computing. DBI Ultra enables high bandwidth and high performance 2.5D and 3D integration of memory, CPU, GPU, FPGA or SoC.
  • Trends in Semiconductors with Abul Nuruzzaman (Invensas, part of Xperi)
    Trends in Semiconductors with Abul Nuruzzaman (Invensas, part of Xperi)
    As smartphones get smarter and complete more tasks, how will semiconductor chips change to lower power consumption, but maintain performance and efficiency? Abul Nuruzzaman, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Invensas (part of Xperi), gave his two cents on the future of semiconductors, explaining the way they'll empower cars to see and save lives.
  • Beyond Moore’s Law: 3D Semiconductor Technologies
    Beyond Moore’s Law: 3D Semiconductor Technologies
    What is 3D semiconductor packaging and how will it shape the electronics industry? With decades of experience and proven leadership in semiconductor packaging and interconnect, Xperi delivers 3D integrated solutions that enhance performance, reduce power consumption and lower cost, allowing the industry to scale beyond Moore’s Law for a new generation of electronics products.
  • The Bonds We Make
    The Bonds We Make
    Capturing many of life's extraordinary experiences are made possible by the bonding technology that we created. From first steps to long walks on the beach, Invensas ZiBond and DiBond power the technology that surrounds us.
  • MEMS Encapsulation Video
    MEMS Encapsulation Video
    Watch how fast bond energy propagates and bonding took place using ZiBond technology for MEMS encapsulation
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