Data Center


Our world is experiencing a previously unseen explosion in data volume and speed of data analysis and transfer. Mobile devices, audio, internet browsing and video applications are driving exponential increases in web traffic. Applications are increasingly being hosted in the cloud, requiring faster, lower latency servers to optimize the user experience. In addition, the desire for greater information personalization requires ever more sophisticated analytics. At the intersection of this explosion of data, and demand for always on data access, is the data center.
Data Center infrastructure, including web servers, application servers, database servers, and storage servers, are continually challenged to reduce latency, increase capacity, and become more energy efficient. Data center hardware and server virtualization environments are relied upon to ensure data availability, continuity and disaster recovery. The ability to do all of this is heavily dependent on server DRAM memory, which must deliver high capacity with high speed, high bandwidth and low power consumption.


DRAM memory stacking is growing in popularity and is well positioned to be the industry-standard approach for satisfying data center market demand for higher capacity memory. Conventional multi-chip wire bonding can resolve capacity issues but at the cost of higher latency and higher power consumption. 3D IC approaches solve latency and power efficiency challenges, but at significantly higher cost.
Invensas has developed advanced packaging and 3D interconnect solutions for the Data Center market that address latency issues, while also offering lower cost and increased power efficiency.


DBI® Ultra is an enabling low-temperature, low profile die to wafer and die to die hybrid bonding technology platform.

DBI® is a low temperature hybrid direct bonding technology that allows wafers or die to be bonded with exceptionally fine pitch 3D electrical interconnect.