Mobile devices have become the multi-use, multi-featured focus of our daily life. Smartphones, tablets and wearable devices support a wide and growing list of applications, features and capabilities, which is driving demand for greater processing capability and more memory while consuming less power. In addition to the growing number of functions, consumers also demand sleeker and more slim-line product form-factors.
Increasingly, individual components in mobile devices are being integrated and miniaturized. The device shrinkage that has enabled ever-more features to be crammed onto smaller form factors has largely been enabled by Moore’s law impact on silicon functional density. But Moore’s law is rapidly approaching its limit to shrink silicon further, while at the same time satisfy necessary power, performance and cost requirements. As a result, the industry is turning increasingly to advanced packaging technologies as a way to solve the problem. Solutions such as Package-on-Package (PoP) and System-in-Package (SiP) are already widely used in Mobile applications; and 3D IC stacking solutions have been adopted for the volume production of the latest generation of back-side illuminated (BSI) image sensors.


Invensas has developed a range of patented semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions that enable mobile device manufacturers to create exciting, new and highly integrated mobile products.


BVA® is a fine pitch vertical interconnect technology that forms package-level 3D interconnects between active or passive devices utilizing the existing wire bond infrastructure.
ZiBond® is a low temperature homogeneous (e.g. oxide-to-oxide) direct bonding technology that forms strong bonds between wafers or die with same or different co-efficients of thermal expansion (CTE).
DBI® is a low temperature hybrid direct bonding technology that allows wafers or die to be bonded with exceptionally fine pitch 3D electrical interconnect.