2.5D / 3D IC


As Moore’s law approaches its limits, the semiconductor industry is increasingly looking towards 2.5D and 3D IC solutions to increase performance and functionality, as well as reduce power consumption. Most 2.5D solutions incorporate large silicon-based interposers which can warp substantially, and so decrease yield and increase cost.
Invensas offers 2.5 and 3D IC packaging solutions using the unique Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) and DBI Ultra technologies that reduce bonding induced warpage and simplifies the assembly process. Using these technologies, very high density electrical interconnects are formed without requiring under bump metallization (UBM), micro-bumps, solder or under-fill. Eliminating these process steps reduces overall cost, while also enabling improved signal integrity, power integrity and thermal characteristics of the stacked assembly.


DBI® is a low temperature hybrid direct bonding technology that allows wafers to be bonded with exceptionally fine pitch 3D electrical interconnect. The metal-to-metal electrical interconnections are formed without using micro-bump, under-fills, or solders. DBI can enable 3D interconnects with lower parasitics and improved performance compared to more conventional approaches.

DBI® Ultra is an enabling low-temperature, low profile die to wafer and die to die hybrid bonding technology platform. By eliminating the need for copper pillars and underfill, DBI Ultra can enable a dramatically thinner stack than conventional approaches.

DBI and DBI Ultra can utilize standard Back-End-Of-Line (BEOL) CMOS process to fabricate the copper pads and silicon oxide bond surfaces. DBI technology enables the wide-scale adoption of high performance 2.5/3D solutions,  using existing streamlined assembly processes in high volume manufacturing environments.


Fine Pitch 3D Interconnect:
scales from 40um to 1um or less

High Bandwidth:
enables substantial increase in I/O as needed

Improved Performance:
eliminates micro bumps, under-fill, solder enhancing electrical and thermal characteristics

Yield Improvement:
minimizes warpage during assembly

Low Cost:
reduces process steps and simplifies manufacturing process


Invensas 2.5D and 3D IC solutions are well-suited for the world’s leading DRAM, FPGA, GPU and CPU products to meet the demanding requirements of Mobile, Consumer (e.g. gaming), Communication and Data Center markets.