Image Sensor


CMOS Image sensors are widely used in Mobile and Consumer markets, and for automotive, industrial and medical applications. Smartphones, tablets, automotive and surveillance cameras are among the many product categories that rely heavily on image sensor technology. Increasingly these products demand higher resolution and improved low-light sensitivity. To deliver these performance improvements, the CMOS Image Sensor industry is moving rapidly from Front Side Illuminated (FSI) to Back Side Illuminated (BSI) image sensors.
BSI technology enables each sensor element to capture a greater percentage of incident light to maximize pixel fill factor, which enhances low-light performance.

BSI image sensors require precise, low distortion wafer bonding and sub-micron wafer thinning for optimal light capture. This becomes even more important as the BSI image sensor architecture has evolved, separating the pixel array from the circuitry into two separate devices with each being optimized on its preferred manufacturing process flow and then subsequently 3D stacked and interconnected. The 3D stacked structure enables faster and more efficient signal processing, leading to superior signal-to-noise ratio, as well as lower overall cost.

Invensas offers unique solutions that deliver the precise wafer bonding and very fine pitch interconnect required to manufacture current and future BSI image sensors.


ZiBond® is a low temperature homogeneous (e.g. oxide-to-oxide) direct bonding technology that forms strong bonds between wafers or die with same or different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE). Wafer level bonding is performed at room temperature in less than a minute, followed by low temperature batch annealing to strengthen the bond.
DBI® is a low temperature hybrid direct bonding technology that allows wafers or die to be bonded with exceptionally fine pitch 3D electrical interconnect. The metal-to-metal electrical interconnections are formed without using micro bump, under-fills, solders, or alloys. DBI minimizes the need for high aspect ratio Thru Silicon Vias (TSVs), and can enable 3D interconnects with improved performance. Like ZiBond, DBI can be performed at wafer level or at known good die with existing wafer and die bonding equipment.
ZiBond and DBI low temperature technologies enable reduced manufacturing stress and enhanced device reliability compared to conventional bonding techniques, while also providing lower cost-of-ownership.


Low distortion bond

High throughput manufacturing

Scalable to pixel level interconnect

Improves imaging quality and performance

Lowest cost-of-ownership


The Invensas Image Sensor solutions are proven in the volume production of high-end smartphones.
Image Sensor solutions utilizing Invensas technologies are targeted at smartphone, tablet and wearable segments of the Mobile market; gaming console, computer laptop, and video and digital camera segments of the Consumer market; and barcode reader, surveillance camera, and machine vision applications in the industrial, automotive and medical markets.