Stacking processor and memory packages into a single compact Package-on-Package (PoP) assembly is a commonly used method for minimizing board space and power consumption in devices for the Mobile market. In particular, PoP solutions are being widely adopted in smartphones and are also increasingly found in tablets.

User demand for smaller and more advanced mobile electronics with new product features, require larger and higher performance application processors and System-on-Chips (SoC’s). In addition to these integration challenges, overall package height and assembly cost must be maintained or reduced. HD video and gaming in particular, are also driving the demand for higher capacity and faster Mobile DRAM.

Processor Functionality Increasing

Memory Density Increasing

PoP Thickness Decreasing

The Invensas BVA PoP solution employs fine pitch vertical interconnects to enable either more I/O, or the integration of a larger application processor, capable of delivering new feature sets within the same or smaller physical area. This PoP solution utilizes existing wire bonding equipment which eliminates the significant capital investment required by alternative solutions. It also offers a high tolerance to warpage that often occurs during production, and so maximizes overall yield. Finally, the solution is capable of meeting current industry demand for low-profile stacking height.


BVA® is a fine pitch vertical interconnect technology that forms package level 3D interconnects between active IC’s or passive devices, utilizing the existing wire bond infrastructure. BVA can be implemented with minimal cost and low operational risk. BVA offers unmatched warpage tolerance, which translates into improved yield and cost efficiency.


Fine pitch PoP interconnect

High I/O between top and bottom package

Ability to fit larger die in same package footprint

Uses existing wirebonding structure

Superior tolerance to warpage


Invensas PoP solutions are used for the stacking of processor and memory IC’s in mobile market products such as smartphones, tablets and other devices.