System-in-Package (SiP)


All products for today’s Mobile, Communications and Consumer markets require the integration of a diverse array of active and passive components. Active devices may include conventional CMOS, III-IV circuits and MEMS, in either bare die or packaged form. To ease adoption and incorporation into a wide range of electronic devices, combinations of these components are often integrated together into a miniaturized module or system, referred to as a System-in-Package (SiP). This approach is commonly employed as a way to implement the Radio Frequency (RF) section of mobile phones and other wireless-enabled electronic products.
The Invensas Bond Via Array (BVA®) technology is well suited for integration into SiP configurations. This solution makes it possible for vertical interconnects between die and surface mounted components to be formed.  As active die may now be placed closer to each other, critical passives and other devices can be located directly over the die to which they are to be connected. This dramatically reduces interconnect length, interconnect parasitics, and results in improved electrical performance, and package area reduction of up to 60% as well as improved EMI isolation and shielding related performance in multi-radio SiP applications.

BGA package substrate showing various die (within the cutaway molded area) connected via BVA vertical interconnect to surface mount components.

BVA wires protruding through the mold compound to the top package.

BVA wires placed throughout the module to form a multi-compartment EMI shield.


BVA® is a very fine pitch vertical interconnect technology that forms package level 3D interconnects between active or passive devices utilizing existing wire bonding infrastructure. BVA can be implemented with minimal cost and low operational risk, and delivers unmatched tolerance to process variations, which translates into improved yield and cost efficiency.


Up to 60% package body size reduction

Improved EMI isolation and shielding with BVA walls and compartments

Large reduction in parasitics between active die and passive components

Ability to add standard surface mounted components that cannot be molded in a package


BVA® -enabled SiP solutions leverage the same BVA technology used for Package-on-Package (PoP) applications. This solution is particularly relevant for the production of high-performance and compact RF systems in mobile and consumer markets, and also performance driven communications infrastructure systems.