NAME: Bond Via ArrayTM (BVA®) technology.
USAGE: PoP and SiP applications.
HOW: Fine pitch vertical wire that forms package level 3D
interconnects between active semiconductor ICs or passive devices. Leverages proven wire bond technology and existing manufacturing infrastructure.
SOLUTIONS: Package-on-Package (PoP): Application or
Baseband Processor, Low Power DRAM , graphics processors
and high performance memory.System-in-Package (SiP): RF
ICs, MEMS, Sensors, Controllers and Passives.
MARKETS: Mobile Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables).

Package-on-Package (PoP) and System-in-Package (SiP) are common methods of achieving compact packaging form factors for Mobile electronic products. Invensas’ BVA technology offers fine-pitch vertical wire bond interconnects, which enables higher functionality, thinner packages, lower cost in PoP stacking, and significantly reduced SiP module size.
Utilizing industry-standard wire bonding infrastructure, BVA can be readily implemented with reduced cost and minimal operational risk. BVA improves EMI isolation and shielding related performance in multi-frequency RF SiP applications and also offers unmatched tolerance to process variations, which translates into improved yield and cost efficiency for PoP.


BVA interconnects are free-standing wire-bonds that extend from the bottom substrate to the top surface of the bottom package to be connected to a package or component mounted on top. The figure below illustrates the Bond Via Array (BVA) wire-bond array interconnect concept.

Array of BVA wires formed on a substrate.

Cross sections of high aspect ratio BVA wires.


Invensas BVA allows for next-generation compact 3D packaging without the need for expensive laser drilling and other Thru Silicon Via (TSV) equipment. It is an enabling tool in the 3D toolbox that can be implemented in various packaging implementations, including PoP and SiP.
When used for PoP applications, BVA technology provides fine pitch 3D interconnects, freeing up space for a larger, higher functionality application processor as required. The fine pitch capability of BVA means it is already well positioned to meet the increasing I/O requirements associated with high bandwidth and higher density memory.
For SiP applications, the short vertical BVA interconnects can enable closer component placement as well as stacking of active and passive devices, which in turn can improve system performance and enable package sizes to be significantly reduced. Variable height vertical interconnects can be placed any where it is required within a module. BVA wires can also be used to provide multi-compartment EMI isolation and shielding.


BVA PoP is targeted for mobile markets. BVA SiP is aligned with mobile, communications and other markets where RF sensitive applications are present.